Voxcoda is used by CBG in Stockholm, Sweden, to provide end-to-end language solutions and intelligent translation technology to clients.

CBG offers global translation services and language solutions from 12 offices around the globe. Its expert team helps clients in a wide range of industries work successfully across 70 languages and cultural boundaries.

CBG used traditional voice-over techniques for clients for years but as interest grew the cost became prohibitive, so they gradually introduced voiceover by Voxcoda to more projects.

“Voxcoda mainly solves the cost issue,” CBG key account manager Poul Jacobsen said.

“It is regarded as a good option that falls between creating subtitles and hiring a traditional voiceover artist, sound engineer and studio.”

CBG is using Voxcoda to reduce the manual effort involved in creating voiceover files and shorten the time it takes to turn jobs around.

“The pre-production and post-production engineering is not so different between recording traditional voiceovers, but Voxcoda does allow us to provide the client with a raw audio file.

“So far, we found that recordings of up to six minutes are competitive compared to our studio supplier.

“We have used Voxcoda quite a lot internally for training and have a few projects in the pipeline. One is a solid order for four languages with the scope of evaluating the potential for additional projects, and the other one is a quotation where we offer both synthetic and actual voiceovers.

Jacobsen said there were many good features in Voxcoda but CBG’s close dialogue with the development and support team was very important. He was excited the product was being continuously improved based on user feedback.